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    Do you value your privacy ? Do you want to go out with your friends and stay away from the random people ? Do you want to watch the match while having drinks alone with your friends, without to many people in the background ?

    Well  BAR TABAC is the answer, Cairo’s newest hippest bar.

    “ Bar D’O's little brother, Bar Tabac is Cairo’s first sports bar designed especially for those of you who enjoy the finer things in life. Watch the big match (from football and basketball to cricket and tennis) on our flat-screen as we serve up classic cocktails, fine cigars and comfort food, fresh from our kitchen. Pass by after work and kick back with a beer or your favourite wine and escape from stresses of the city in the coziest spot in town. Or hire us out for special events like bachelor parties and birthdays. We want you to know that our bar is your bar! ”  - (source: Bar Tabac FB  https://www.facebook.com/BarTabacCairo/ )
    The beauty about Bar Tabac is that it is a quiet small and intimate, which makes it easy to rent out privately, and even if you dont take it privately the place in it self provides limited seating/tables, making it pretty much exclusive by default.