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    Cairo has undergone a musical revolution, and the people will not accept any music that is below par. And as expected ByGanz & Dara lead that with always offering one eargasm after another with their Teadances. In their latest rendition of Teadance, they are bringing the NEVERDOGs from DOCSHOW Italy to play with their residents Toyboys. to understand the Neverdogs, i had to check out their beatport chart, check this one out it has been charted on the 2nd of Feb. Their beat is all about TECH… nice good old fashioned TECH.

    There is more to this fourth edition of the Teadance. Teadance now has a new home, a one that is more reflecting of its prestige,  one that also provides an urban retreat, one that has a view. Yes the CLUBHOUSE in UPTOWN Cairo !