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  • Nesma Mahgoub Set For Riverside Gig


    We’re only half-way through the month, but it’s already been a big October for Riverside – a busy one, too. The Zamalek venue has been hosting special events every day, with entertainment coming courtesy of everyone from the stand-ups of Al Hezb El Comedy, to veteran DJ, Samba, to one of Egypt’s biggest bands, Massar Egbari, to Cairo crooner, Ahmed Harfoush – the list goes on.

    With more of the same to come, one name stands out – Nesma Mahgoub. The Egyptian singer is set to perform at Riverside’s weekly evening of all things Oriental, Bel 3araby, on Wednesday 21st. It’s shaping up to be the latest in a string of big nights and it doesn’t get much better than one of the best young performers around. As one of the most versatile singers in Egypt, the 26 year-old shot to fame as winner of season 8 of Star Academy Arab World while singing mostly in western genres, which is an approach that still influences her music today – up until last year, she was the vocalist for Egyptian metal band, Origin. Mahgoub also came to prove her versatility with her performance in the Arabic dub of Disney’s Frozen as Elsa – yeah, she’s done it all.

    Riverside has been in fine form as of late; in addition to being one of the most popular post-Sahel Season nightspots in Cairo, a new chef has reignited the proverbial fires of the restaurant’s kitchen and there are plans afoot for a new restaurant.

    But first, Nesma. For reservations, call 0121 280 1290.