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  • Nacelle’s Tito El Kachab Featured in CNN Special Report!


    Though we sit on the brink of a nightlife-less month, we can at least reflect on a busy first-half of 2016 when it comes to Cairo’s increasing number of parties and festivals. It’s been an eventful six months, but few can relate to that statement as much as Tito El Khachab and the folk at Nacelle.

    In addition to giving House Sessions an almighty send-off, Funk N Pop, B-Side and Behind Closed Doors, as well FamJam, a number of other special live music events and, of course, Heineken SANDBOX, has seen Nacelle cement itself as the premier party and festival organiser in Egypt – something that has started turning heads abroad and recently caught the eye of CNN show, African Voices.

    Aiming to highlight and profile ‘Africa’s most engaging personalities’, El Khashab is interviewed in the 7-minute-plus piece, which touches on music, nightlife and the festival concept in Egypt, as well as his own rise from engineer, to DJ, to ‘the man behind Egypt’s most popular festivals’ – check it out.

    It’s not the only attention from outside of Egypt; this year’s Heineken SANDBOX has earned rave reviews, including a glowing appraisal from Resident Advisor and Nacellians across Cairo are already counting the days till the next Nacelle party.

    By Kalam El Qahaira