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  • Nacelle to End 2013 with Big Fat Boat Party


    It only seems like yesterday that Nacelle‘s House Sessions returned and had Cairo’ bars and clubs quaking in their boots. But in a blink of an eye, Nacelle will sign off an eventful 2013 with a big, fat boat party on Thursday 26th of December, starring German house and techno duo, Trickski, and Egyptian DJ/producer, Kicksi, of US based duo, Indecent Exposure – rhyming completely coincidental, of course.

    It’s a cherry on top of the delicious cake that is Nacelle, who will also be celebrating their fourth anniversary, with the most recent string of House Sessions having attracted some of the biggest acts including, Ab Klady, Genius of Time, Francesca Lombarda and SMASH TV, as well as local favourites, Tito, Baher, Aly Goede, Hisham and Adham Zahran, Aly B and Hassan Abou Alam.

    And so all that’s left to do is bid adieu and get ready for some of this: