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    Nacelle Annouces its new theme night starting this wednesday in the temple,

    It goes by the name of Starlight, with so much mystery surrounding the music that is going to be played and why is it called STARLIGHT.

    and Tito & The whole nacelle team is keeping a tight lip on this, they would not disclose any information to me, so i have to a bit of hmm either investigation or piecing the things together.

    So here what i presume the night to be, which might be completely wrong!

    1-  Starlight is an indication that roof of temple would be open and you could go gaze in to the summer stars!  If that is the case, i love to play a game called find Orion’s belt

    2- The music, a few days a go the word “NU BEATs” was dropped, i i prematurely thought it was nu-disco, but after a little bit of digging found out its not NU-DISCO… but in the same time its not so far from the NU DISCO genre, it is something that i cant describe in words, something SUMMERY, something FRESH, something with Funk, could I there make up a new genre and call it NU FUNK?

    Well only way to find out if these rumors or true or not… and it is going to nacelle this wednesday.