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  • Nacelle Set to Host Crazy P Gig


    When Nacelle goes big, they go really big – like humungous levels of bigness. While House Sessions will always be dear to my heart and I’m only just now piecing together my memories of this year’s I Love Nacelle weekend, it’s Nacelle’s one-off events that really get my loins going – and my loins are in overdrive right now, with the news that UK deep house and disco band, Crazy P, will be performing right here in Cairo.

    Scheduled for Wednesday 21st of May at the Temple, the gig will see the whole five-man group take to the stage for what is set to be one of the best live music events of the year so far.

    For those who aren't familiar with Crazy P - formerly known as Crazy Penis - shame on you. Having formed in 1995, the group has gone on to shape a unique sound that pulls from house, disco and soul. But this is one band who is at their best, not in the confines of a studio, but on stage - lead singer, Danielle Moore, knows how to work a crowd.

    Stay tuned for more info!