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    Nacelle Grooves

    With everyone getting their music nowadays from soundcloud including me, actually i am right now listening to the  boiler room new sound that is a bit more mellowed out and i love it !

    anyway so while i was on my soundcloud stream i saw this !!

    does that mean … Nacelle is gearing up to launch a SOUNDCLOUD service where the awesome music from the parties will be recorded live and then put on their soundcloud account ?

    if they do that it would be Genius, and what better way for a brand that is all about music to market themselves, without loosing their identity.

    Already nacelle has a soundcloud account ( check here: https://soundcloud.com/nacellegrooves  ) that has set has none live sets on it. But with this new service they are launching they could be adding LIVE sets.. who knows…

    It is stick to their true origin. THE SOUND. After all that is what makes Nacelle, Nacelle. Their unique sound.