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  • NACELLE LIVE: Kormac’s Big Band & The Percussion Show


    Nacelle has non-stop been delivering to us hot and new concepts of entertainment, and now it has the newest & probably the hottest concept. LIVE.

    So imagine this, a night of LIVE MUSIC, with a 7 piece band from Ireland and  5 Talented Egyptians percussionists, all on one stage, where you can enjoy watching them, listening to them and GROOVING TO THEM,  while at the same time an  drinking ICE COLD beer, or a vodka, or what ever tickles your belly.

    Do you understand what I mean, it has never been done in cairo , where you can go a concert style event where you can also enjoy a drink at the same time, with HOT TALENT. All of those three elements in one. Again let me repeat incase you didnt get it. Hot Bands, LIVE, Drinks.

    Concert aside, its not only the fact that it is a concert style, that it is HOT LIVE MUSIC, but it is the fact that nacelle KNOWS who to bring. Kormac’s Big BAND is basically a 7 piece band from Dublin, that plays”  a funky mix of live turntables, samplers, drums, double bass, vocals, trumpet, trombone, tuba, guitar” and has all that integrated in LIVE VISUALS.

    People this would be an out of body experience…

     Speaking of bodies, the  THE PERCUSSION SHOW… oh my gee… they use their bodies, but not only do they use their bodies… they are even more brilliant with instruments, which is what they will do in this live night, they are hot! they are local and did i say hot?

    Just check out the below video of the five talented locals. HOT DAYUM is what comes to my mind

    for further Info & Bookings call: 01001788807

    Date: April 17th, 2013
    Location: The Nile Pharaohs Temple
    Doors Open: 8pm
    Showtime: 9pm