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  • Nacelle Goes To Gouna this EID


    Nacelle, is going to gouna this EID,

    Yes the nacelle family is going to gouna this eid !!!

    and the only gossip i could get out of them was the word think “Festival”

    now which nace//e DJs would be playing i have no idea yet, Where would they set up shop, also have no idea.

    But here is one thing i have to say… people EID is a month away, and if you are planning on going there during that time i would advice you to start booking from now.

    now all that being said, i am trying this new thing on CairoGossip, i think its called honesty. where at the end of each event description or post i do, i will write like one constructive criticism or something like that. & am starting with this post, because Nacelle people are actually smart and they mind a critique as long as it is constructive. So here we go.

    I am really happy with Nace//e major growth, you would have notice from underground parties to moving from one hotel to another, to have set up shop in yasso, to opium and now in Nile Maxim, with TWO REGULAR nights a week. what makes Nacelle special is that it is “NICHE” it offers a genre of music others dont. They supported the whole deep movement in egypt, before the regular commercial DJs started playing it! Now they are in the funk zone.

    I am afraid if nacelle goes to gouna, it will be stepping out of the “Niche” market into the Commercial Market. But that being said, I highly doubt that will happen. As the keyword to their Gouna event is festival, which is something that has not been done before.