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  • Nacelle Bring Back Elijah Collins for ‘A Pool Party 2′

    After the shenanigans of  Nacelle’s ‘A Pool Party’ last weekend, no one though they could top it. But low and behold they have.

    ‘A Pool Party 2′ will see British-based DJ, Elijah Collins, headline this Friday’s (27th) party at the Fairmont Nile City, with local DJing masters, Aly Bahgat and Hassan Abou Alam also booked.

    The eccentric  nu disco, electro boogie and  deep house DJ  is no stranger to Nacelle, however,  having played at House Sessions in December of last year – which you can check out on CG Live.

    Elijah doing what Elijah does best at Nacelle House Sessions, December 2012

    For those who aren’t so familiar with Mr Collins, check out his newest work of art, 8 Minutes of Rude.

     This is going to be Nacelle’s last major party for at least a month, so make it count, boys and girls. And wear sunscreen!

    For more info ‘A Pool Party 2′ check out the Facebook event page.