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  • Nacelle Announces End of House Sessions


    Seemingly coming out of nowhere, Nacelle yesterday announced that this season of House Sessions will be its last, bringing down the curtain on what came to be the ultimate clubbing experience in Cairo. Sigh.

    Not unlike the kind of break-up that you tell yourself is ‘mutual’ and ‘the best thing for both of us’, the folk at Nacelle were quick to assure the brokenhearted that this will not signal the end of the groups love affair with house music – the equivalent of ‘we can still be friends.’

    Though the announcement has come as a surprise for many, Nacelle has come on leaps and bounds from the days of Stiletto and 2015-2016 has seen them introduce new concepts in the form of Funk N Pop and Behind Closed Doors, while B-Side is still as relevant as ever – and there’s SANDBOX to look forward to, of course. Yes, the end of House Sessions will leave a gaping whole in the Friday-night-hearts of many, but there’s still time for memories to be made (and forgotten the next morning), with four more dates to come. Make it count.


    By Kalam El Qahaira