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    Yes he has the last name as the outsed president, but he is not blood related, but he does do have the qualities of the president of music.

    for those of you who are newbies on the scene you would remember that three years ago hosny, use to play on regular bases in 35,

    Well Guess what … THIS TUESDAY THERE IS A COME BACK TO JUMP START IT AGAIN … so this Tuesday 13th of Amr Hosny, shall be doing 35 !!!

    but wait thats not all the HONSY’S news… there is more on March 22nd 4TheLoveofHouse, hosny’s brand is going to kick start its 2012 party schedule with its first party, with local and international line up … and from what we hear its a line up that you dont want to miss … where will it take place, well in Yasso. Again i repeat the LINE UP IS NOT TO BE MISSED !!!