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    Casual Mondays

    Casual Mondays

    Seeming that monday’s is the new ” IT ” nights,  Karim Attalah is literally re-transforming with every fort night an event, it launched almost ten days ago at club 35, and the second one well is coming next monday also at club 35, the launch included surprise entertainment by bringing live well known rappers to the party, and well we hear the next one will also have other live performances

    to be honest from what i am hearing is that every casual monday will have a surprise act, and will be moving locations! so the first two are at Club 35, but the question can you guess what is going to be the entertainment of the next casual monday ? more over do you know where will be the one after next …. ?

    oh and to reserve to this event, well you must be in the know of the drill to reserve :)

    and finally did i mention i love the name casual monday, it feels like its a relaxed fun event, unlike events that go by EXCLUSIVE, Ellusive mesh 3aref eih… it feels trying to hard… casual monday… feels like they are just that good :)