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  • Misty&Hafez do #classico




    rumor around town is the Misty & Hafez are going to be joining Fahmy&Samba in the next tuesday Classico ! Now i dont know what music to expect M&H to play considering that that will be music only from the 2000′s decade ? does that mean we will be hearing a lot of Avicii remixes?  well only one way to find out… hop next tuesday to Samba&Fahmy’s Classico in Tamarai

    Incase you have been to Classico or havent known what classico is about, here is a small brief on it !

    Classico a night that is developed by Samba&Fahmy completely … so  when you think of Classico think of their style ! from a music perspective … think of it is a night dedicate for music between the 1990-2010  with no arabic !   …things like IIO – Rapture, think KING OF MY CASTLE .. think daft punk … think back to the decades when the music was actually MUSIC  ! not the stuff we have to listen to day !

    Follow Classico on Facebook on their FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/classiconight