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    Misty, Hafez & Minus T to Join Seb Fontaine at Club 88 in Gouna

    I’m seriously thinking of moving to Gouna; it’s where all the gossip is these days. Last week, one of the trusted CG Moles brought news of Beyond Entertainment‘s big plans for the long 6th of October weekend. 

    Seb Fontaine, this Friday, Gouna will also welcome Italian DJ, Catrina Davies, for Saturday party, Taste Me. On top of this, former Chelsea midfielder and Champions League winning manager, Roberto Di Matteo, will be the guest of honour.


    But if that wasn’t enough, rumour has it that Egypt’s best will also flex their DJing chops; deadly duo, Misty & Hafez, will open for Seb Fontaine on Friday night. Nice, right? Well it gets better, because Minus T is also in town, providing the music during Friday day-time.
    What a mouthful – I’m going to go catch my breath while you call 01223125120 for reservations. See you in Gouna!