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  • Men Vs Women



    You would think this post is about Men Vs Women and battle of Sexes … but men you know quiet well that WOMEN have one this game a long time ago, ever since they have the advantage of giving birth, and having the ability to manipulate men into getting anything they want….  proof why else would men shower women in diamonds.

    now but this a post about whats going down tonight, one side of the town there is LADIES NIGHT LAUNCH in O bar, with Free Sparkling Rose wine, and Memosas all night long for the ladies,

    while on another side of town in AMICI is going to be catering to the MEN, and well also girls who like to watch football. Amici will be showing UEFA Champions Leagues  CSKA Moscow Vs Real Madrid @ 6pm and Champions League round of 16 Napoli Vs FC Chelsea at 9:45pm