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  • MELT & GOUNA CALLING: Tamer Banna & Beyond Entertainment Celebrate Eid in Style at Club 88 in Gouna

    melt cover photo

    Club 88? You might as well just start calling it Club Tamer Banna. In fact you might as well get rid of the name El Gouna and start calling the whole area El Banna this weekend.

    Although Sahel is the preferred destination for many, Banna and his event company, Beyond Entertainment, clearly has a soft spot for Gouna and its gorgeous Marinas – and specifically Club 88. This Eid sees the stunning restaurant and bar play host to a four-day extravaganza.

    Today sees the starts of MELT; four days of sun, poolside relaxation and summer sexiness. DJ Sasha and Yasni get the party started on the first day, before DJ Misty takes his place in the DJ boot on Friday. Indecent Exposure fly in from Washington DC to keep the party going on Saturday, before Shasha and Yasni return on Sunday.

    But that’s not all; at 11PM on Saturday, Banna turns things up a notch or two with GOUNA CALLING, where DJ Misty kicks off the night before the one and only Baher Eid takes over.

    For reservations to what is going to be one of the biggest events of the weekend, call 01223125120.