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  • Meet Me at OPIUM ?

    Well guess what … this coming week … a new club is opening in Egypt ! and yes i said CLUB! 

    and it goes by the name of OPIUM … and no its not related to barca one ! but none the less we kept hearing about it for a long time now and we hear the opening shall be epicly satisfying your clubbing needs

    Notice how i keeps saying club, not bar ! and oh yes as all new venues open the location is going to be zamalik!

    so the opening is on towards the end of this coming week!  and as opium says “To Find Yourself, you must loose yourself” the important question is are you going to receive an invite to find yourself !

    (p.s. this is the teaser post the full details will be announced within the coming few days)

    also facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/OpiumEgypt