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  • Mayounah & Izzy @ 4theLOVEofHOUSE


    Mayounah & Izzy would be taking over the decks of Tamarai this thursday in 4 THE LOVE OF HOUSE !!!

    Why is this big ? Well because

    - It is very rare to see izzy leave his kitesurfing and come to the public decks.

    - It is IZZY & MAYOUNAH first time to play side by side

    - It is Izzy first time to play in Tamarai

    - It is  Mayounah first time to play in Tamarai

    So basically this night is big, because a lot of first cherries would be POPPED !!!

    music wise, expect happy NU DISCO TUNES with a dash of HOUSE music .. i love nu disco!