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  • May at Cairo Jazz Club: Ayloul, Baz Francis, Binti, ‘Boogie W Tamtam’ & More!


    Alright folks, it’s that time of the month again – when we look forward at what The Home of Live Music, Cairo Jazz Club has to offer. Now, while Easter gave Cairenes a little taste of the summer ahead, the season of ditching work early on a Thursday to get in as much weekend time by the beach isn’t quite here – in the meantime, though, CJC has everything you need to satisfy those musical cravings – BEHOLD!

    HEND EL RAWY & AYLOUL (Tuesday 2nd)

    ayloul(Photo: Muneer Albayati/Ayloul Facebook Page)

    Hend El Rawy is quickly becoming a favourite over at Cairo Jazz Club. The Egyptian-born front-woman of quirky French band, Orange Blossom, only made her debut in Cairo last October, but she certainly made a mark with her unique fusion of Egyptian sounds with modern, Western arrangements. She’s going to be in good company on her return to CJC, with Jordanian indie rock-pop band, Ayloul, who are set to make their own long-awaited return to The Jazz – and if their last CJC performance in September 2016 is anything to go by, this is one to miss for those who like their music with a little ‘je ne sais quoi’, as the French say.

    ALY GOEDE & SHIHA (Friday 12th)


    Egypt’s pool of DJ talent has never been deeper, but with all the new names arriving, it’s easy to forget the guys that have been doing for years – and if you want to talk about DJs who don’t get enough credit, then look no further than Aly Goede and SHIHA. Goede is, of course, no stranger to CJC regulars and the city’s clubbers. He doesn’t shout and scream about himself – he lets his sets speak for themselves. SHIHA, meanwhile, is possibly one of the best producers in the city and though he’s much more comfy playing mad musical scientist in the studio, he’s finally become something of a regular on the nightlife scene.

    AHMED SAFI & DOKKAN (Sunday 14th)

    ahmed-safi(Photo: Ahmed Safi Facebook page)

    As part of a new spin on Sunday nights, CJC is set to welcome two acts that CJC knows all too well. First up on the 14th is a man who first debuted at Cairo Jazz Club with the Safi Band in 2014 – since then, Ahmed Safi has carved out a unique style that sees him fusing Egyptian influences with Western genres like indie rock and jazz. Following him with their own musical fusion is Dokkan – a band that aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty with a little experimentation.


    baz-francis(Photo: Magic Eight Ball Facebook page, header image courtesy of  Stuart Anderson)

    One of the highlights of the the whole month at CJC will see frontman of rocking Brit, Baz Francis, take to the stage for a very special performance. As frontman of English group, Magic Eight Ball, Francis arrives in Egypt as part of  a world tour to promote his first solo album, The Face That Launched a Thousand Shipwrecks, and his music also carries the labels ‘Power Pop’. So, prepare to be blown away – but not too far, because rounding of this special night is one of the most unique music acts in Cairo, the electronic-and-live-melding Meteors Project.

    SYNC TANK, SEBZZ & OUZO (Tuesday 16th)

    sync-tank(Photo: Sync Tank Facebook page)

    We all know that Pacha Sharm resident, Ouzo, and tech house wizard, Sebzz, know their way around a party and will always guarantee a heck of a night. But do you know, boys and girls, about Sync Tank? Having been given their first big break by CJC, the duo of Negmeddin Shaheen and Hameed Sabry  have made quick work of getting people to notice their unique live electronic performances which also often use live original vocals. One not to miss for those who pine for something a little different with their electronic music.



    Although they don’t perform live as often as they should, Living Too Late is the shoe-gazing indie rock band that Cairo has so desperately been trying to produce for the last few years. Fronted by the ever-so broodily handsome, Omar Foda, this rare gig will also see singer-songwriter, Elle, get in the game. Also on the line-up is all-woman Belgian-Egyptian band, Binti – a group of SIX, yes SIX, sisters who live for music. Citing everyone from Fleetwood Mac to Erykah Badu as influences, their eclectic musical palate makes for a unique folksy, bluesy sound that you won’t find anywhere in Cairo this month.


    Oooooh, yes! Ramadan is on the horizon and that means one thing at Cairo Jazz Club – time for the weird and wonderful night that is Boogie W Tamtam. CJC is set to take a break for Ramadan as always, but they wouldn’t leave you hanging without sending you off in style – and if you’ve attended this night, you know that it really is difficult to put into words. All that we can tell you is that Boogie Monster, Ramy DJunkie, is leading the charge and there’s a rumour that Boogie and Tamtam themselves will be attending… 

    These are, of course, just a selection of the events taking place at Cairo Jazz Club this month – stay up-to-date with the Cairo Jazz Club Facebook page and the Cairo Gossip events calendar. See you next month, folks.