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    Mark Lower Backs Out of Colorscope Weekend


    With Eid just days away and Sahl Hasheesh gearing up for another edition of the two-day beachside extravaganza that is Colorscope Weekend, tragedy has hit the event, leaving organisers, Event Republic, looking around at each other in disbelief and saying ‘huh?’

    French DJ and producer, Mark Lower, was scheduled to headline the first day, but backed out just days before, citing fear for his safety in Egypt as the reason. However, rumours suggest that the truth behind his sudden u-turn is that his mother has grounded him for DJing past his curfew on a school night.

    While we may be quick to judge, it is important to remember that big, bad Egypt can be scary for a guy who looks like he hasn't gone through puberty yet.

    Luckily, Greek duo, Heavy Pins, have swooped in to save the day and have been added to a line-up that also includes SHawky, Ahmet Kilic and Gawdat - and a complimentary bottle for each table.

    Call 0100 294 7111 for reservations. Cheers.