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  • Love & Loathing in CJC: Valentine’s Day at Jazz


    In typical bovine fashion, when CJC see red, they charge. This year, Cairo Jazz Club wreaks havoc with an embittered rave for the dateless and lonely, featuring raunchiness-incarnate, DJ Mohasseb, on the mother of all non-celebrations, Valentine’s Day.

    Love and Loathing in CJC has now joined the ranks of the bar's time-honoured tradition of drowning out soppy puppy-love with music, booze and the kind of love that you only feel when you're drunk at 3AM and express it through unintelligible WhatsApp messages, as you wait for the second tick to appear.

    But I don’t want to leave you pondering more about how empty and dead you are on the inside, but instead I leave you with this.

    “This is not a good town for psychedelic drugs. Reality itself is too twisted.” - Hunter S. Thompson