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  • Level Goes Big


    Bars and clubs in Cairo have had it tough this summer; violence, Ramadan and the curfew have crippled even the most long-standing nightlife spots.

    Level is one of them. Having opened earlier this year, we barely had time to get to know it better, which is why the Zamalek bar is coming back to life in style on Monday 30th of September.

    ‘Going Big’ will feature ARMA resident, Ahmed Kotb, who’ll be followed by Baher Eid and Aly B. Usually on a Monday night, I order food from Zooba and watch Masterchef  before falling asleep on the couch, waking up in the morning and mourning my dignity. But Baher + Aly = the good stuff.

    You can make reservations via 012-2066-6906 & 010-0005-5234. Confirmation of your reservations will be sent to you via a text message – how wonderfully efficient.