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  • lets do the TeaDance Series

    Tea dance facebook no details

    Who is organizing the TeaDance ? Where is it taking place ? How can you reserve ?

    well all that is not relevant, because well as always with best events, these details are kept secret and privileged to a select few.

    But here is what you can find out !

    - Toyboys along with international DJ will be opening this event, along with international DJ

    - This is a series of parties, its not just one night, it will take place every fortnight till November from the opening date.

    - eventhough its called TeaDance, its not where you sit and sip on bloody marry’s. No. This is a party where you dance ! where the music will be underground deep house and tech.

    - This is a party, where it takes place in the day and you better be dressed like a billion dollars, because a million aint worth it! Chuck Bass, Blair Waldrof should look like beggars compared to you. This party is Chic ! this party is upscale !

    so if you one of the privileged to be going to this party in the undisclosed location or date, then hopefully i will see you there, that is if i am privileged enough to get invited!