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  • Last night I Tamaried! (with pics)

    Last night a lot of stuff was planned across Cairo, you know the wedding and then big big engagement party of the young designer. Then there was nacelle in yasso… So when Mr. Designer called me and told me yalla let’s go to bodega.. I was happy I thought it would be chill and nice… Two bottles of wine later we ended up in Tamarai. We thought it would be empty … We thought it there would be no one we know because all of Cairo was busy that night.

    So as we entered at first it seemed our suspicions were right but we entered at mid night! As the clock started tick tocking past mid night slowly more and more people that we know showed up there! It’s like Tamarai was the meeting point for every one after the wedding and the engagement… And slowly the corner of the bar where we were standing became full, with our crowd. Thats what I love about Tamarai it will always be that place where you can go and depend on to be good, on any given night