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  • Weekend Code Name: Till 6am


    for starters, this was one hell of a crazy weekend, it started early and by early i mean tuesday with amici wood, wednesday with tamarai 3rd year anniversary, then … the weekend started !!! and for some odd reason every night ended up at 6am !

    So Thursday, we headed out to tamarai, yet again, which as you know to some might be considered social suicide, i mean seen in the same place twice ! especially after a big night! but actually it turned out to be one of those fun nights where every body just showed up …. after all there was a big celebration for one singer friend of ours … who also happen to be releasing a new single very soon … here is the teaser ! a song BY SHOUKRY !!!

    After thursday came friend, where it started with kicked back drink at this place called Risas (its a bar by the same owners of pub 28 on the nile maxim boat)  then you had two places happening … Tamarai With Marien Baker and Nacelle brought to Yasso Crazy P ! so on .. with the friday night gossip pictures




    Nacelle Presents CRAZY P in Yasso

    So after yasso and tamarai ended, the crowd headed out to their late after party place… BAMBOO


    Now even though i had no spy in STAGE ONE last night but i also hear it was happening as someone was hosting their bday party there