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    Kill Cupid: Back 2 Basics’ Anti-Valentine’s Day Bash


    It’s about time someone stuck up for us lonely, damaged people who can neither love nor accept love, and Back 2 Basics will oblige with a distinctly anti-Valentine’s Day party at Katameya Heights.

    Saying booo to rose and chocolates, and hell yeah to boozing and dancing, B2B have enlisted the services of young Casanovas, SHawky and Omar Hafez, for the appropriately titled, Kill Cupid.

    The party will be held on Thursday 13th of February, which means you can spend the actual Valentine's Day drowning in a sea of hazy memories from the night before and not pining over unrequited love or that forbidden, awkward crush you have on your bawab's daughter.

    Or, who knows; maybe you'll bump into that girl you keep seeing on CG Live, only for her to go home with one - or more - of SHawky and Hafez. Because, you know - bitches love DJs. Faceless-online-gossipers not so much, though.

    To break free of the crown of thorns that is love, call 0100-970-3970.