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  • Just Muzik: Brunch & Music


    Just Muzik, is not just another club night for Cairo. Its actually a down right chilled, yet upbeat experience.

    Let me explain, When i go out in london with friends and we have what you call the long weekend bender (24-48hr) non-stop party, we usually got a friends house after that for a “Chill Out”. We dont say we are going to chill out, no we say we are going to host a chill out.

    What is a “Chillout”. It is us continuing the party, with its activities, but on a more downtempo beat. While maintaining the upbeat vibe. Its the perfect way to end the weekend.

    In Cairo, we have had Great Thursday & Friday’s … but till date, there is no PERFECT way to end the weekend. in comes JUST MUZIK!

    The event will go on from 2pm to 8pm. We’ll be serving food and drink specials until 5pm (Burgers, Beer, Sangria..)

    Music by:

    - In2Deep (Null, DV8, Overall Music)

    - Adham Zahran (Null, Moodmusic, Space Breaks Records)

    For more info:
    01006777815 / 01001971010

    Location: Outdoors, Nile Maxim

    This is a song of In2Deep with Adham Zahran

    And this is a Set of Louli Megahead that played there last week