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  • JUNE 12! 1 Night 3 Parties!


    So this wednesday is a dry night, but that is only so you can save your energy for the next wednesday! Are you ready for it!?

    It would be big, it would be epic, as you are having 3 Hot parties taking place on that same night scattered all over cairo.

    First of is STUDENT DJ, with Youssef Niazi vs. Seif Bebars, with headlining international talent CLIMBERS,  From GET PHYSICAL! and warm up from Audiotonic BAHER.


    On the same night if you are looking for something more progressive more commercial…. well right on the river .. SUMMER BY THE RIVER, before the nile runs out basically! with Two hot local superheros! Mohsseb & Amr Hosny!  and speaking of Mohasseb, did you check out his latest set!

    now if you are looking to get your funk on, well Nacelle’s starlight is looking to set out a special night! by bringing in Late Night Tuff Guy, all the way from australia to shine your DISCO.. STAR..

     PEOPLE… you know summer is in, when WEDNESDAY BECOME THE NEW THURSDAYS.