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  • Jameson Irish Whiskey Does Darts at Deals


    It’s a bit of a stretch to call a game primarily played in pubs by round-stomached men a sport, but there’s something rather exhilarating about throwing sharpened metallic darts at a round, colour-coded board of compressed rope fibre – I think the faint possibility of a fatality arouses me.

    The good folk at Jameson Irish Whiskey (yum) share my enthusiasm for pub-based activities and have organised an epic weekly darts tournament that will start on Wednesday 16th of April* at Deals 14 in Mohandiseen. Every week, various goodies are up for grabs, with a special Jameson trophy and a bottle of that sweet liquid gold going to the eventual winner.

    Now, if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s throwing stuff, but I think I’ll leave the darts to others, while I responsibly work my way through the special Jameson cocktails that will be on offer – each at a mind-boggling 35LE. Cheers to that.

    To sign up to for this epic battle for the ages, visit the Deals Facebook page or call 012 2372 9930 and start exercising your wrist however you see fit. Deadline for registration is Sunday 13th of April.

    *Original date was April 9th, but the tournament has proved so popular that the cool dudes at Jameson have extended the registration deadline to Sunday 13th. Yay!