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  • Is Tabla Set to Open a New Branch in Cairo?


    Nothing gets my loins going like some old fashioned rumours – the more obscure and vague the better – especially when it comes to the increasing number of bars and clubs in Cairo.

    The latest news to to plop out of Cairo’s ceaseless rumour mill is that Tabla is set to open in Zamalek.

    Having set up shop in Sahel this summer, and it’s original Sokhna branch still as popular as ever, Tabla is rumoured to be taking the top two floors of the Nile Maxim Boat. But what Tabla might offer in Cairo has no easy answer and while the Sokhna branch has little to compete with, nightlife options in the capital are plentiful.

    The club is popular enough that it’s name alone is enough of a pull for partygoers, but it’s going to take more than the usual belly-dancer-and-violinist act to keep them there.

    Stay tuned for more news as this gripping story unfolds.