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  • International Jazz Day: Cairo Jazz Club Gears Up for Huge Night with Othman El Kheloufi & El Dor El Awal


    If you’ve ever doubted the almighty power of jazz, take note of the fact that no other genre of music has a day that’s celebrated internationally every year in its honour – a day that ‘The Home of Live Music’, Cairo Jazz Club, has been celebrating for the last few years in style.

    Over the last few years, the enduring bar and club has welcomed a lip-smacking cocktail of local and international talent for its celebrations of  International Jazz Day, but this year might be one of the tastiest ones yet.

    el-dor-el-awal-makan(Photo: 11 Studios/El Dor El Awal Facebook)

    Set to take place on Saturday 22 April, few local bands are more fitting for such a grand occasion than El Dor El Awal. The group are one of the first and most original innovators in bringing together jazz and Egyptian sounds, but the big catch on the night is Moroccan musical mastermind, Othman El Kheloufi.

    As part of a regional tour that will see El Kheloufi perform in both Cairo and Amman, the saxophone specialist is set to take to the stage for one of the most unique nights of live music you’ll find in the city this month.

    othman-el-kheloufi-body(Photo: Guennoun Salim/Othman El Kheloufi on Facebook)

    A student of his art, El Kheloufi’s musical journey initially found him dipping into the academic side of things and it’s made for a measured and precise approach in his music; but it wasn’t till he was charmed by the raw approach of jazz in its original form that he began to truly find his own sound. It’s one that brings together all kinds of influences, ranging from Sufi, to Hungarian folk music, but with a heavy sprinkling of jazz that harks back to the likes of legendary unknowns such as Django Reinhart and Lester Young, as much as household names like Charlie Parker and John Coltrane.

    As charismatic as he is talented, El Kheloufi has come to be known for his energetic and unpredictable stage performances; so while you’re at ‘The Jazz’ this Saturday, make sure to stay a few feet back, lest you get a swift swing of the saxophone in the face.

    For more information, check out the event on the official Cairo Jazz Club Facebook page.