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  • In the City Legends: Amina Khalil in the Spotlight


    She can act, she can sing and, based on her love of Cairo Jazz Club alone – see below – she can dance, too. We’d hate to sound like player-haters, but Amina Khalil is essentially living the life that we want. But as a woman of the world whose artistic talents know no bounds, Khalil is one cool cat whose exploits at previous In the City parties alone have given Event Republic no choice but to crown her an In the City Legend.

    We caught up with the multi-talented, perfect-girl to-bring-home-to meet-your-parents ahead of Spring in the City on March 11th.

    So, what have you been up to since the last In the City?

    It’s been a really busy time since then! I’ve been acting  a lot more and I’ve done some travelling. My film, ‘Plan B, was out in cinemas recently and the new film, ‘Sokkar Mor’, should be coming out soon. Ive taken on a new-found passion since the end of 2013, too: I’m kitesurfing now! It’s the most incredible sport in the world, So I’m in Ras Sudr whenever I’m not shooting. And I’m about to start working on a film that I wrote!

    Event Republic has deemed you an In the City Legend – if you had the power to deem anyone a legend for any reason, who would it be?

    I would deem Cairo Jazz Club – that place is a legend ! All these places keep opening up and revamping then closing down, but CJC has managed to keep its identity for so long and that deserves major recognition.

    Spring, summer or fall?

    Summer, of course!

    What are you wearing right now?

    Ha! I think I know who wrote these questions! nothing too ooh-la-la, actually – just  sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

    Tell us a secret…

    I am ridiculously scared of rabbits. They are creatures from hell that need to be removed off the face of the planet.

    Stay tuned for more from the In the City Legends exclusively on Cairo Gossip and if you haven’t secured your place at Spring in the City this Wednesday, well we don’t know what to tell you – it just hurts our feelings because we’ve put a lot of hard-work into these In the Legend interviews and if they aren’t enough to convince you, then we don’t know what is. Nah, we’re just kidding – call 0100 294 71 11.