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  • In the City Legend: Timmy Mowafi in the Spotlight


    The latest In the City Legend to be announced by Even Republic is the second from the Mowafi clan – the baby of the flock, so to speak. Timmy Mowafi is an intangible, ethereal figure whom many people believe isn’t actually real. Writer, music-maker, walking Murakami Takashi canvas, figment of some weird collective imagination – Timmy is all this and much more. He has nice hair, too.

    -So, what have you been up to since the last In the City?

    I stumbled back home from the last In The City in a boozy haze. The date was May  6th 2012 – a significant one bcecause this was the date where I discovered space-time travel. 

    -Event Republic has deemed you an In the City Legend – if you had the power to deem anyone a legend for any reason, who would it be?

    I would have to give that to Quincy Rizenback, Cosmicop State Commissioner of the 8th Quadrant. He has done a fantastic job of halting illegal Quarkzic Filament trafficking through worm holes in the past or future 70,000 years. But also this guy on the left for obvious reasons…

      -Spring, summer or fall?

    Well, Spring nights in OGLE-TR-56b are just to die for – how the moons glisten ever so delicately over the Great Xenon Lakes, the flogglockles in late bloom blanketing the air with their gamboge seedlings. I miss it already, but I’m sure Spring in the City will be just as awe inspiring.

    -What are you wearing right now? (Feel free to make this up)

    Rick Owens…

    ‘ body, draped over me like a poncho

    -Tell us a secret…

    I’ve lost it

    No kidding. Well, ladies and gentleman, make of that what you will – we feel closer to Timmy already. Stay tuned for more riveting interviews with Event Republic’s In the City Legends – see y’all next Wednesday for night two of Spring in the City.