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  • In the City Legend: Reem El Waziry in the Spotlight


    With Event Republic‘s Spring in the City just over a week away on Wednesday 11th of March, Cairo Gossip is putting the In the City Legends under the spotlight to find out more about the people who made the returning In the City series so special – the guys you can always see brightest and hear loudest atop the Fairmont Nile City‘s Skypool.

    We begin, rather fittingly, someone who’s a bit of a legend in her own right – the one and only, party-loving Reem El Waziry. Cairo Gossip knows Miss El Waziry very well – maybe a little too well – and it’s a wonder she has time to party in her busy schedule. Said schedule, over the last two years or so, has seen Reem have her fingers in many a pie, so to speak, being an integral part of the Back 2 Basics team and the manager of a band you might have heard of before, Cairokee.

    So, what have you been up to since the last In the City?

    I’ve been managing Cairokee for the past year. It’s been such a roller coaster ride – not an easy one as one one might think, but what’s life without some suspense? What else? Just this and that. I seem to always be grappling with the eternal struggle between burgers and the gym. Burgers always seem to have the last say. 

    Event Republic has deemed you an In the City Legend – if you had the power to deem
    anyone a legend for any reason, who would it be?

    My cat! Can it be my cat? Or is it just humans? I don’t care – it would still be my cat.

    Spring, summer or fall?

    Summer, of course! That was the launch season of In the city – where all the madness began!

    What are you wearing right now?

    You naughty thing! I wouldn’t normally disclose such valuable information, but for for what it’s worth, my workout clothes – I was just at the gym.

    Tell us a secret…

    Hmm, a secret, huh? Don’t tell anyone, but my shoe size is 35/36 – gasp!

    Shocking stuff, ladies and gentleman. Stay tuned for more from the In the City Legends and for more information on Spring in the City, click here. See you on March 11th!