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  • In the City Legend: Peter Matta in the Spotlight


    Event Republic knows that a good party has to look the part – but it’s no easy task in the case of the upcoming Spring in the City, which launches on March 11th. Essentially, ER is building everything from the ground up and the man they’ve chosen to lead the charge is none other than In the City Legend, Peter Matta, of Beit Matta fame.

    Although Matta’s toils in the field of artisanship started off as a hobby of sorts some two years ago, Beit Matta has become one of the hottest up-and-coming names in interior design in Egypt, with Peter producing some truly unique furniture and home accessories.

    So, what have you been up to since the last In the City?

    A lot! Around the time of the last In the City parties, I decided that I wanted to leave the family business – so much so that I went to New York to study events management. At the same time, I’d started decorating my house in Gouna with things that I’d made myself. I would get lots of compliments from friends and it eventually motivated me to start Beit Matta.

    I was really flattered that Event Republic approached me about In the City. What they wanted to do was very similar to my vision so the collaboration developed quite organically alongside the concept behind Beit Matta. In the same way that I use my home in Gouna as a pop-up of sorts – and I did the same on a boat in Mykonos for a month – I like to expose people to Beit Matta in a natural setting and experience rather than displaying items like a shop. This is how people have come to be familiar with Beit Matta – they sit, touch, feel.

    Without giving too much away, we wanted to make In the City welcoming, inviting and sexy, using cosy, happy, spring colours. I was given a lot of freedom and I’m confident that people will like it – well, hopefully! We’ve even made some ‘special’ tables in the Beit Matta lounges that I know certain dance-loving people will love.

    Event Republic has deemed you an In the City Legend – if you had the power to deem anyone a legend for any reason, who would it be?

    Well, first of all I’m very happy to have been named a legend – I’ve always loved In the City and I really partied there from my heart – like another In the City Legend, Reem El Waziry.

    Who would I deem a legend? Can I choose two? No? I’m going to choose two anyway – my mum and dad. They really raised us well. They’ve always supported me; they always gave me freedom, education, love and were always generous with these things. But they also taught me to be modest and humble – something that has always put me in good stead with everything I’ve done with life.

    Spring, summer or fall?

    Spring, for sure. People seem to be fresh-faced and enthusiastic – maybe because everyone is preparing and making plans for summer.

    What are you wearing right now?

    I’ve dressed quite demurely today with a plain sweater and trousers because I have meetings. But I’m wearing a funky, colourful scarf (it’s almost electric blue). I generally like to mix colours and textures.

    Tell us a secret…

    I’m getting married tomorrow. No, not really. Ok, well this water tastes a bit funny – does that count? Here, taste it.

    You can check out what Peter has in store for when In the City returns this Wednesday – call 0100 294 71 11. And for the record, the water did taste funny. Stay tuned for more from the In the City Legends on Cairo Gossip – see you on Wendesday.