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  • If You Weren’t Already Excited About SANDBOX 2017, This Video Will Get You There


    While many are already counting down the days till ‘Sahel Season’, there’s an increasingly large pockets of Cairenes whose gaze is focused on something else altogether. We speak, of course, of Nacelle’s seminal electronic music festival, Heineken SANDBOX.

    With the 2016 edition being the biggest one yet, Nacellians are already twitching in excitement as what founder, Tito El Kachab, and co. have in store for 2017. Here’s a little something to whet your appetite…

    German electro-folk wizard, Monolink, London-based Damian Lazaraus, and  giant of electronic music in South America, Dinky, were among the 22-strong acts, making for one hell of a festival. So phat was it, in fact, that more and more folk abroad have been catching whiff of SANDBOX, with the festival having received rave reviews from further ashore, feeding into Nacelle’s goal in taking the festival’s reach international.

    But here’s the real thing to get excited about – if we’re to believe an announcement from Nacelle in December, tickets for SANDBOX will go on sale this month – stay tuned…

    By Kalam El Qahaira