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  • I Love Nacelle Weekend


    It happened so suddenly, i was shocked when i saw it.

    Last week I was sitting on my laptop minding my own business then all of a sudden my news feed went

    “I <3 nacelle weekend 29th & 30th march”

    It started with Tito, hisham nabil, hannah, moez and all the nacelle team!

    I was like shit, I must be part of this trend, so I also copy and pasted that status automatically not caring what exactly it is, not knowing the details of it. Because deep down in me, i know for a fact that it would be HOT, i mean from when has nacelle done something below standard, actually from when has nacelle done anything standard, they have always been doing challenging and different things. So in nacelle i trust, BLINDLY.

    THEN CAME THE DETAILS! …  Well sort of the details.. the details that keep you waiting for more… wanting more!

    quoting their Facebook

    “The weekend consists of a special edition of Friday House Sessions packaged with a very special Saturday daytime recovery party! 

    And believe us when we say, we are designing everything so that you will make it through the whole weekend and leave energized!”

    and well tito let us on a little bit more saying that the twelves are coming !

    there is one thing i remember from last year, who remembers the series of parties of nacelle that was BLAME IT ON THE SUNSHINE, the saturday parties that use to offer bloody marries like no other?

    but also who remembers last year I LOVE NACELLE WEEKEND!  … Well this year i am expecting it to be fucking H.O.T.