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  • I got bambooed

    On a Thursday night where I was suppose to chill out and relax… I have been summoned to this new venue called BAMBOO … Well it’s not really new.. But well the owner wants to start marketing and showcasing it. So he contacted the MOWAFIs !!! and what happens when you get three MOWAFI brothers inviting there friends for private party !!! you get epicness, i mean each of the brothers at least have 100 friends… so the place would be filled up so quickly !!! So I went with no expectation, and was suppose to stay for only half hour… Instead I stayed for 3 hours !!! It was so much fun … There was thrown a private panda party … It was actually fun… And I already broke my new year resolution of not partying too much. But this was quiet different in the sense that, it brought back memories of an 80s club or as Wassem from Cairo 360 said.. A hurghada bar. There were no frills no over the top stuff… Rather it just focused on just having fun … Well let the pictures speak