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  • How to Sandbox Like a Pro: Six Tips for This Year’s Hottest Beach Festival


    So, you’ve waved goodbye to your liver and booked yourself a weekend pass to Heineken Sandbox, the most exciting electronic festival hitting Egypt this summer – congratulations! You’re in for three nights of dancing, eating, drinking, dancing, drinking, sleeping, lying hungover on beanbags at the Clubhouse, dancing, drinking, etc. Now that you’ve downloaded the app and registered your pass, we’ve collected a few tips from the Nacelle people and some regular Gouna partygoers to guarantee you have a great time at Sandbox.

    Work out your Commute to Gouna

    Bummed out by how ridiculously expensive flights are to Hurghada? (Seriously, EgyptAir, what’s up with the Beirut-level prices?) If you don’t feel like catching a GoBus, download Swvl, a commuting app that’s partnered up with Nacelle to offer one-way trips to and from Gouna at 250LE per person in a minibus. Also, we think it’s super cute how they’ll be playing special #RoadToSandbox playlists from Cairo to Gouna. To signup, download the app.

    Head’s Up About the Road Routes

    If you’re driving to Gouna, we’ve been hearing mixed reports from fellow commuters; word is you should be prepared for extra frugal road checkpoints, especially the Zaafarana-Gouna leg. If you’re planning on carrying liquor bottles, make sure they’re sealed and keep their receipts on you in case your car is searched. Otherwise, we strongly advise you stick to the speeding limit – and check Bey2ollak regularly for traffic updates. The Sokhna-Cairo route is still undergoing construction; the last few weeks have seen some horrendous, fatal car accidents, so please be careful and alert when you drive that route.

    Don’t forget your Hangover Cures

    The good news is Gouna is a fully functional town with all the services you may need; but the bad news is hungover you will probably get as far as your bedroom mattress, so here are some useful tips: drink lots of water throughout the day and fill one bottle up with rehydrates (ma7loul gafaf fizzy pills) – Hungover You will thank Sober You in the morning.

    Make sure you have access to a greasy breakfast the next morning to push the nausea away; but if you’re a health freak, head to Malu’s Deli and ask them for poached eggs on salmon with a side of salad and a detox smoothie – they’re not on their menu, but locals know their poached eggs are some of the best in town.

    If your idea of a cure is to hit the gym, LAX is by far one of the best gyms in Egypt with an amazing view of the sea front. Even if you’re drooling and groaning over a machine while watching a movie on your phone, at least you’ll be in the air conditioning surrounded by fit, good-looking people. It might motivate you to pick up a weight or two. If none of these cures work and you’re not a fan of the hair-of-the-dog method, we suggest Catafast+Motilium+Antinal and water. This formula has never let us down.

    Get in for the morning happy hour!

    Speaking of hangovers, Sandbox is offering a 50% discount on all drinks everyday 1PM-3PM. Interestingly, 1PM is the starting time for the festival, so we’re guessing this is their way of getting us out of our beds/shade/pools and into the beach party mode on time, because -  let’s face it – most see 1PM and show up at 6PM. That being said, 50% is nothing to be scoffed at; so we’ll be there nice and early to get our hands on this sweet deal.

    Dig into the glorious Gouna Food Scene

    Excitingly, Sandbox has partnered up with the Greek, the Snack-Shack, Malu’s Deli, the Smokery Beach, the Hot Dog Stand and Vaquero Burgers to provide food to hungry Sandboxers throughout the days and nights. If, however, you want a sit-down dinner experience away from the festival vibes, we definitely recommend checking out Pier 88, the Smokery, Zia Amelia, Maritim and Jobbo’s for excellent cuisine.

    Plan a Day Away

    Tired of having too much fun dancing in a Sandbox? Our hearts stuck in Cairo offices bleed for you!But for a change of scenery, try any of these options: if you want to head out to sea, the catamaran boat leaves twice daily from the Gouna marina to the Dolphin Reef, which – dolphin sightings aside – is one of the nicest dips you’ll have in the area with lots of beautiful coral and fish to ogle at. The boat trip includes nibbles and fizzy wine for around 300LE a person. If that doesn’t tickle you, you could always try go-karting, baby-footballing at Bartender, attempting to waterski at Sliders Cable Park, or – if this sounds like too much effort – drive over to Sahl Hasheesh for the nicest beach in the area: Tawaya Beach is located next to the Old Palace Hotel and charges around 100LE per person for entrance. The beach is decked with chaise lounges and cabanas, and has the most turquoise, clear water you’ll see in the area. It’s definitely worth the 40-minute trip from Gouna if you appreciate having a good dip rather than Gouna’s mushy lagoons and far-too shallow sea.

    By Samar El Shams