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  • Hot Woman DJ to Play at Cairo Jazz Club


    You know how some women love a man in uniform? Well, in a similar vein, I find nothing sexier than a woman DJ-ing. I like to stare at their fingers as they work the turntables – all that button-pushing and slider-adjusting gets me a little hot under the collar.

    Gradual discovery of strange hand fetish aside, on Monday 19th, my gaze will be firmly fixed on the fingers of one DJ Rae at Cairo Jazz Club; an Ibiza-based British producer/DJ/signer/songwriter who’s more than just a pretty face. You’ll have heard Miss Rae’s voice on various house hits over the last few years, including Sandy Rivera’s Hide U.

    This being a special night and all, CJC will be asking attendees to hand over 100LE at the door.