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  • Hot Picks: Things To Do in Cairo This Weekend


    There’s something electric in Cairo’s air today. Maybe it’s the anticipation of tomorrow’s Sissi-fuelled protests? Or maybe it’s because there’s a strangely high number of live shaabi performances around the city tonight? Either way, this weekend is shaping up to be something spectacular.


    “I ask all honorable and faithful Egyptians to take to the streets on Friday, to mandate me to confront terrorism and violence.”

    Big words from a big man. But let’s be sensible about this. If you’re planning to descend on the streets of Cairo with flag in hand and paint on face, let’s all be civil. And if you want to do something really constructive, volunteer for Tahrir Bodyguard or Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment.

    And now from the serious, to the ridiculous.

    Saad El Saghir @ Roof Bar - Thursday 25th

    After postponing last week’s scheduled show, Saad El Saghir will now definitely, surely, probably perform at Roof Bar in Heliopolis, tonight.

    Amr 7a7a @ Shababeek - Thursday 25th

    Early forecasts suggests that the whole population of Shobra will descend on Mokattam for Amr 7a7a. They really love him.

    Oka & Ortega @ Arasya Thursday 25th

    Yes, more shaabi music – this time aboard the Imperial Boat in Zamalek at popular Ramadan kheima, Arasya.

    Massar Egbari @ Beit El Raseef - Thursday 25th

    Alexandrian band, Massar Egbari, will be having fetar at Beit El Raseef in Maadi, and once they shake off their collective food coma, they’ll be performing.


    Hayy Festival 2013: Nawel Ben Kraiem - Friday 26th

    The 2013 Hayy Festival continues at El Genaina Theatre with a performance by foxy French-Tunisian singer, Nawel Ben Kraiem.

    Hayy Festival 2013: Sana MoussaSaturday 27th

    There’s more of the Hayy Festival on Friday, this time with Palestinian songstress, Sana Moussa.

    Comedy Night @ Beit El RaseefSaturday 27th

    Stand-up comedy is so in right now – kudos to Beit El Raseef.

    Have a safe and productive weekend!