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  • Heineken & Nacelle to Warm Up for SANDBOX with Francesca Lombardo


    Days after announcing a colossal line-up for SANDBOX 2014 in Sahel, Heineken and Nacelle have served up more of the good stuff in the form of Francesca Lombardo.

    The London-based DJ is no stranger to Nacelle and is set to make a return on Wednesday 4th of June with a special SANDBOX warm-up gig at OnTop aboard Le Pacha in Zamalek. Also on the bill is ever eccentric and slightly frightening Cairo DJ, Louli.

    I forgot to mention that I had good news and bad news. I've given the good, now here's the bad; only the first 300 SANDBOX pass holders will be invited - so better get that pass fast.

    Click here for more info.