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  • Happy Beginning: Tabla’s New & Totally Original Chinese Concept


    Inexplicably popular nightlife spot, Tabla, has long been the undisputed best bar in bar-less Sokhna and the news of the ingeniously named Gu Bar opening in Zamalek has garnered equally unexplainable anticipation.

    Tabla has never exactly been a beacon of originality or innovation and this new offshoot bar, which is set to pillage all things Asian, seems to be intent on ticking as many boxes on the list of Egyptian nightlife cliches as possible – ladies’ night and ‘club nights’ on a Monday are two of the confirmed lightbulb ideas that are set to bring in the masses.

    The new venue comes on the heels of a successful Tabla run in Sahel and it’ll be interesting to see how the owner makes the transition from the Tabla-go-to entertainment of belly dancers and violinists to something that fits into the the novel ambiance – maybe a Dragon dance and erhu players?

    Gu Bar is set to open aboard the Nile Maxim boat in December, though local authorities have expressed concern that the new venue could become a hangout spot for Triad gang members.