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  • Halloween Update: Amici & the Key Party

     Amici has announced that it would be doing the halloween on Monday the 31st, and the theme would be Heaven and Hell,  now here is what you dont know, they are going to announce who is going to be the dj soon of the party and i was privilaged to know both options and it sounded hot. Further more, their shall be halloween themed cocktails !! 

    While accross town the halloween party in Katemeya heights there is the private Ghost n Shells … well the keys to their party has started to distribute, also rumor has that Shady Noor, the famous vocalist shall be doing a performance in it. This party is scheduled on the 27th of the month, and the only way you can access it is via having the KEY! 




    Fishie says:

    Oh I was thinkin of a song remix whole writing it lol

    H says:

    Ghosts n' stuff *