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  • Gouna Club 88 Take OVER. Easter Break


    We know Karim Khamis & Dina Akladios, as the two people that are always smiling, always fun to be around, well after all they know how to have fun.

    Well that fun element, will be the concept of they are bringing when they took over CLUB 88 this easter.

    6 days of sun and one big night event all at club 88! Day 1 and 2 are the warm up. Tan, eat, drink, listen to music and prepare for the big night with dj Nhan Solo!!

    Days 3, 4and 5 are the pool parties with you favorite local djs and a surprise live act performance, think GUITARs, Think LIVE instruments.

    Who is Nhan Solo, this Nhan Solo.

    Nhan Solo

    Just to give you a teaser of who you might expect as local djs, well BAHER just shared this picture showing his bookings for the nest and well you can see he is booked to play with Nhan solo and on the day 2,

    can you guess which other local super hero DJs are joining him for those fun 6 days & nights.

    We here that one of my favourites is also joining them.. I will give you a hint, his name starts with an S, and he loves to kite surf…

    Yes you guessed right.. SHAGGY! THE SHAGZ MEISTER.