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    Tamarai has announced that it would be doing their first R&B Night, and well when i got the facebook invite, i was shocked ! Almost everyone knows how Fishie, hates and i repeat hates the Louis Vuitton monogram, i  just despise the bags that have it and when i see one i feel like getting a lighter and burning it, and it has nothing to do with the fact that it is the easiest print that can be faked, but it has to do with the fact, that its just such a show off. 

    so when i saw this i naturally picked up the phone and called the tamarai owners and the stylist of the night, Nihal Zaki to understand what is this all about. Nihal Said to me, that she and i quote her here “would not be caught dead in a LV monogram print, but she would love to die in maybe an Alexander McQueen!”

    i was officially confused, on how she hates this print, yet the banner of the night was splattered with it, so i went on asking a few questions

    what is the reason of choosing this logo, design, what is the concept of the night ?

    Nihal, explained that it is ironic,  that her and tamarai management have deeply researched into the R&B scenes, generally there are two scenes, one is the the gangsta & thug life style one, while the other you get the BLING BLING in your face one. Most of the singers, even the talented ones would have a mention of something “BLING”, forexample “fergie my humps, has the mention of LV Trunks”, Beyonce might not blatenly say it in words, but display of the fashion brands in her videos is obvious, and generally in a majority of video music, the display of bling is all over the place. basically you are getting a new bunch of R&B singers, that are distancing themselves from the thug scene, via showing off their money, in a way they could be called nouveau riche. 

    (interesting side note fact, did you know that P.Diddy launched his own brand of vodka called Ciroc (pronaunced shirock)

    so the big question is how is this all related to the SWAG NIGHT of Tamarai ?

    Well Tamarai, has chosen to go with theme of BLING BLING in your face attitude for their R&B night, due to the fact that the bling bling is more with the image of an upper crust club, you can come dressed up in all the bling you want like a rapstar, but do avoid the baggy jeans though. 

    Whats special about this night other than music, would there be special productions ? 

    like nihal did with designing nostalgia, a whole new set is going be done up for the SWAG Night, maybe not the same flamboyant nostalgia colors though. Also when i talked to the owners of tamarai, they explained on the opening night, there is a possibility of live acts, that would blow your mind, something different and not done before in egypt.  

    what about music, what kind of R&B to expect ?

    expect the hot R&B tracks, but also remember that night might have a few mixed tracks of R&B and house, i mean look at david guetta, he remixed with a lot of R&B artists, or check out the new NEO and Chris Brown songs, or LMFAO, they might not be house, but they are a mixture of R&B and dance music , so expect music from both the R&B and the Mixture of R&B and dance 


    EVERY Thursday starting from October 13th 2011 !!!


    OH EM GEEE says:

    Meen 2l mobya2 2lly kateb 2l kalam dah, tamarai 2eeh. mat3eesho 3eeshet 2ahloko