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  • Going to Nacelle Tonight? Here are some Tips & Warmup

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    So if you noticed, i didnt really make a post on this event, until today, which is the night of the event.

    Reason, well this event doesnt need any sort of PR, or gossip, it already was fully booked a day after announcement.  Why because this is the last NHS (nacelle house session) of the season.

    Now before we get knee deep in the music, i have some advice

    - Guys be there nice and early. I am talking 10-10:30. This is the final event of the session, demand on it is high, you dont want to be annoyed by long queues. 

    - If you ever noticed the Nacelle artwork you would have noticed their emphasis on the following words, Dance, Smile, Jump, Listen. Key words that actually discribes the open minded attitude of nacelle. Come bringing that with you!

    - Tonight will be a night for the records, you know when you have that tingling sensation that tonight is the night. Well tonight is the night, so dance till the last beat. DANCE. DANCE.

    and now the music.

    Listening to hot since 82, all i can say prepare to be mind blown. Their song leave me, is just EUPHORIC.

    Hot Since 82, is more than just a dj, he is a producer with big hits on many labels like Noir, Get Physical  & Moda Black

    Hot Since 82 – Forty Shorty (Get Physical)
    Hot Since 82 – Plains & Trains (Suara)
    Hot Since 82 – Houze Thiz (Noir Music)
    Hot Since 82 – Knee Deep In Louise (Moda Black)
    Hot Since 82 – Hot Jams Vol.1 (Noir Music)
    Hot Since 82 – Hurt You (Moda Black)


    check out some of his april picks of hot tunes

    I think it also helps that he is easy on the eyes.