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  • Fuel to the Fire: Absolut Makes its Mark on Burning Beach


    We don’t think we’re jumping the gun when we say, ladies and gentleman, summer has arrived. We’re not speaking about breathless, sticky mornings stuck in Cairo traffic – we’re speaking about the sun, sea, sand and general beachside fun that await over the next few months.

    Things have gotten off to a sizzling start already, with the long Easter break giving many Cairo urbanites their first chance to hit the road and head to the beach. Some went to Dahab, some went to Sokhna – but the hottest party of the break took place at the stunning Red Sea destination of SahlHasheesh, whereby the byGanz troops set up shop for a spectacular few party-days by the beach.


    The crown jewel of what was a whole host of parties was the Egyptian debut of Burning Beach. In collaboration with Blue Marlin Ibiza and in association with BMW, Phillip Morris, Redbull, Absolut,Palm Hills Developments and, of course, SahlHasheesh, byGanz brought one of the most unique concepts in the region to Egypt.

    What is Burning Beach? Well, it’s much more than a day by the beach; it’s more than just a music festival as so many have wrongly referred to it – in fact, it’s a feast for the senses, where music, art and a certain intangible factor come together for an occasion of epic proportions.


    As always, Absolut Vodka had a heavy presence throughout, with a spread of unique, disruptive cocktails fuelling the crowd. Artists also flexed their skills on a huge graffiti wall with the Absolut name, unleashing their creativity.

    With Arabian-inspired New York duo, Bedouin, headlining a day that also saw Dest and Jixo&Danz take the DJ decks, there was plenty to see and do, with a host of other performers providing entertainment at what was a carnival of colour and sound.


    Some of the other highlight features of the event also included the Before I Die wall which gave attendees the chance to leave some uplifting messages to the world, plus the Ex-Machina photo booth.

    What this all made for was a huge 12-hour fiesta that was attended by almost 1,000 of Egypt’s best – and a bar set high for what’s to come this summer. 

    By Kalam El Qahaira